Photo by  Ashley Goodwin


Thanks so much for stopping by this corner of the internet! I know there are lots of places you could be watching cat videos or posting memes, so I'm glad you're here for a bit.  I'm Katie, a girl who stays up late dreaming about tacos and tater tots. Brunch is hands down my favorite meal and I'll never turn down a glass of champagne or a cocktail inside of a pineapple.

You could describe me as a reformed couch potato. I started running three years ago and then lifting weights two years ago. I've run one marathon (and two half marathons!) and am working my way towards being able to barbell squat 200 pounds. When I'm not eating, you can find me photographing weddings, snuggling with my ginger kitty, Lucy, or planning ideas for future trips. 

(All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me. Please do not use them without prior permission.)