30 Before 30

I’m turning 29 today, which means my 20s are now officially coming to a close! It’s so hard to believe that an entire decade of my life is almost complete, but I want to make sure that I end it as best as I can. That’s where my “30 Before 30” list comes in! I probably should have thought about starting this a couple years ago so I could have a little bit more time to get through everything on the list, but I kind of like the idea of spending this one year as kind of a last love letter to my first decade as an adult. 

Part of me wanted to create this list because this year has been kind of rough for me. My 30 before 30 list is full of things that require me to get outside of my comfort zone, seek adventure, or experience new things. One of the most important things that I've learned in the last decade is that there's really nothing more valuable than memories, so I look for opportunities to create new ones whenever I can.  Mostly, I just want to keep seeking out ways I can live my life to the fullest and this list will definitely help with that!

It was kind of tough to come up with 30 things for this list because, well, it turns out that 30 is actually a bigger number than I had thought it was…ha. But thanks to a lot of googling, brainstorming, and the help of friends, I have my list! 

  1. Learn to give CPR
  2. Learn to play an instrument 
  3. Spartan/mud/warrior/rugged race
  4. Learn to change a tire
  5. Ride a horse
  6. Write a story about Lucy 
  7. Send 30 handwritten letters
  8. Invest money in the stock market
  9. Learn to shoot a gun 
  10. Laser tag 
  11. Stand up paddle board yoga
  12. Start a 401K
  13. Eat a soft shell crab 
  14. Do a legit strict pull-up 
  15. Deadlift 200 pounds 
  16. Go rock climbing 
  17. Participate in a food eating contest 
  18. Start allergy immunization shots 
  19. Keg stand
  20. Hike a mountain 
  21. Ski or snowboard
  22. Volunteer for habitat for humanity 
  23. Pay off my car
  24. Eat vegan or vegetarian for a week
  25. Attend a music festival
  26. Get my DNA tested
  27. Try 30 different donut places 
  28. Visit two new countries 
  29. Road trip
  30. Turn 30

I'd love for you to follow along as I work through each of the items on the list! Follow me on Snapchat (@photo_katie) or check the Instagram hashtag #kneezys30before30 to see more. I also plan to blog about my progress, so check back for updates!