Donuts, Trump, and Ryan Adams & the Shining

A couple of months ago I bought tickets to see Ryan Adams in Charlottesville. I got the tickets in the mail (I always get the physical tickets so I can save the stubs!!), stuck them in my desk drawer, and promptly forgot about them for many weeks. I was digging through my drawer looking for stamps or pens and found them! It was such a great surprise!

John and I went to Charlottesville early and stopped at Trump Winery for lunch. I was kind of conflicted about this because I do NOT support Donald Trump or what he stands for one little bit….but I do support sandwiches. And food kind of rules my life. Is there any way we can get a sandwich for president?? The sandwiches at Trump Winery would probably get my vote because they are wildly delicious. John and I each ordered a different one and shared. I had the ham, which has apple butter and arugula and he had the BLTC which comes with a garlic aioli and swiss cheese! 

What’s not to love about wine and a sandwich?

After the show we met our Charlottesville friends for a drink at Commonwealth & Skybar. I’ve been to the restaurant before but never the Skybar. There’s almost nothing I don’t love about a rooftop bar! Unless of course it’s raining. That kind of takes the fun out of a roof bar, if you know what I mean. 

After drinks with our buddies and a little bit of Pokemon hunting (I consider myself a “casual” hunter…John’s new name might as well be Ash Ketchum…ha) we went to the show. If you’ve ever seen Ryan Adams live, you know what a treat this concert was! He sounded so great and played all but one of my favorite songs of his! (Ryan, if you read this, next time play Sweet Illusions for your girl, Katie Nesbitt, please). 

When the show ended, we headed out expecting to leave, but a row of food trucks caught my eye…in particular, a donut truck! Carpe Donut is pretty popular around Charlottesville and I’ve photographed enough Cville weddings to have had a Carpe Donut or three, but not at all since starting my 30 Before 30. One of the tasks on my list is to have a donut from 30 different donut shops…so Carpe Donut ended up being #1 of 30!! 

I went with the Frodo, which is a donut ice cream sandwich. It was rock hard at first, but as it softened up, it became more and more delicious. The cinnamon sugar on the donut complemented the vanilla ice cream so well! 

All in all, we had such a fun day in Charlottesville! It's nice to escape regular life during the week every once in a while!