A Weekend of Good Things

This time of year I start to feel a little bit of cabin fever from spending so much time at home in my office that it's almost inevitable I will start seeking fun weekend plans. This past weekend was no exception...I wanted nothing more than to spend a little bit of time outside of the house and lucky for me, I got my wish! 

I had seen a magical sounding Oreo beer (yes...OREO beer!!!) posted about on Facebook. When I finally got around to clicking one of the articles about it, I realized that not only was the brewery that made it only about an hour away, it was also one I HAD BEEN TO BEFORE. 

The Veil Brewing Co made a special Oreo Chocolate Milk Stout and immediately sold out of cans. Because we had nothing else to do, we drove out to Richmond to try it out for ourselves! I wish I could say that I had thought to bring actual Oreos to pair with it...but I sadly did not. 

It had actual chunks of Oreo cookies in it! It was velvety smooth, and had just the right amount of chocolate taste. I thought it would make a wonderful dessert!

After trying a couple of their other beers (because when in Rome, right?) we went to my favorite Asian Fusion place in the whole world, Foo Dog

Foo Dog is the only place I've ever been that has Malaysian curry style ramen. The broth is coconutty with a hint of spice. It's creamy and warm and so freaking delicious I've even eaten it on days when the heat index was over 100 degrees. They also have a bunch of really legit cocktails and appetizers. I'm a fan of most of the ones that include Belle Isle Moonshine!

We shared the shrimp app and wings. Their wings are so SO good. Crispy and saucy the way I like them! After leaving Foo Dog, we went by Sticky Rice for a night cap and a bucket of tots, because obviously, we hadn't had enough carbs.

After my normal Sunday morning workout (which went great, thanks to the aforementioned carbs),  we drove out to Virginia Beach to have brunch with our friends Brandi and Stephen at Esoteric. Once a month-ish they host a beats, beer, and brunch with a dj and everything!

I was really craving a burger, but I settled for the Haute Dog...a hot dog settled between a split, toasted brioche bun. Brioche is probably my favorite bread! 

John and I both had a cocktail. I chose a Bloody Mary because I felt like I needed vegetables in my life and he chose something they created with CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH CEREAL MILK and bourbon! As soon as we move and I'm able to get into the kitchen more, I will be trying to make things with cereal milk, because this is such a genius idea! Plus, I love eating cereal, so it's a double win for me!

We finished our brunch with maple cinnamon sugar donuts. I can't say no to a donut!

Barren Ridge Vineyards Wedding by Katie Nesbitt_0059.jpg

2017 has been an interesting one so far in that there have been lots of wonderful moments, like some of the ones I shared in this post, and yet, it's also had it's share of no good, terrible, horrible, very bad moments too. Those not so great days have made me extra thankful for the good ones full of laughter, and for friends who will get you out of the house and eat bad things with you.