This Week's Snacks #2

This week I haven't eaten as many snacks as I normally do, which is probably because I've gotten a lot busier and just don't have as much free time. Usually for me, free time = snacking. I can't not have ANY snacks though, because, well, I really like eating (have you seen the title of my blog??) and snacking means getting to taste and enjoy more things! Here is what I'm enjoying this week!

Oh Yeah! One Bar - Peanut Butter Pie Flavor
I'm not a huge fan of protein bars. I usually can't get around their weird aftertastes and gritty textures. I was offered a sample of an Oh Yeah One Bar at Vitamin Shoppe a while back and decided I really liked the PB Pie flavor a lot! For a protein bar, it's actually quite delicious and it has excellent macros!! 

Fresh Strawberries
My friend and I have been going berry picking together every year when berries start to ripen for a few years now. I look forward to this every spring! There's nothing better than fresh strawberries. They're so juicy and sweet this time of year! I eat them by the handfuls raw and also mix them into Coconut greek yogurt from Trader Joe's with whipped cream on top.  

Dill Pickle Cashews
If you have a salt tooth and you like pickles, you will LOVE these cashews. Cashews are my favorite nut anyway, but adding pickle seasoning to them just takes them over the top!! Target sells boxes of 100 calorie packets of these things, which are SUPER convenient! It's way too easy to eat a million calories in nuts, so I appreciate the pre-portioned packs. I like to add them to a little "snack plate" and eat them with some actual pickles on the side. 

Reese's Chips Ahoy
I saw these in the store last week and I totally could not help but grab them and bring them home with me. Cookies are one of my cravings lately and these are just so chocolatey and delicious! I don't even like peanut butter all that much but somehow in a Reese's it's just so delicious! Peanut butter was obviously created to go with chocolate.



Cake and Ice Cream Protein Pancakes

I LOVE pancakes. Carbs of any kind are my favorite, but hot, fluffy pancakes have a special place in my heart. My favorite kind growing up were my grandma's corn pancakes, which were basically regular pancakes with a can of sweet corn mixed into the batter. Topped with sweet, sticky syrup, they were the BEST treat and something I looked forward to when we got to stay overnight at her house. Even just eating regular pancakes with syrup brings back so many memories! The thing is, regular syrup (even organic, 100 percent maple syrup) has a ton of empty calories and carbs. Usually, those are my favorite kind of carbs, but sometimes you just have to prioritize! 

I bought a box of Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix at Target a while back on a total whim. Isn't that how most Target purchases start? Or is it just me? If you haven't tried this pancake mix and you care about eating a lot of protein and/or fitting your macros, you should go grab a box! They've got 14 grams of protein with just mix and water, OR you can add milk and/or eggs for even more protein. I choose to add milk to mine! 

Anyway, I have used the mix for regular (and blueberry) pancakes in the past and decided I wanted something sweeter this time. By themselves, the Kodiak Cakes are somewhat plain tasting, but with fruit or other toppings, they are perfect! I decided to add sprinkles to the mix on Sunday morning AND, I added a small scoop (about 56g worth) of Birthday Cake flavored Halo Top ice cream too! If you're not familiar with Halo Top, it's this delicious, high protein ice cream. It really DOES taste like ice cream but it has 6 g of protein a serving and is also low calorie and doesn't have freaky ingredients! Adding this ice cream to the pancakes in lieu of basically nutritionally devoid syrup means you're sweetening your cakes with something that's better for you.

Here's how I made them (it was REALLY simple...and quick!)

  • Make pancakes as directed on box (I added milk instead of water, a couple twists of my cinnamon sugar grinder from Trader Joe's, and a splash of vanilla)
  • Add sprinkles to your pancake batter (I used just a teaspoon)
  • Top with a scoop of your choice of Halo Top protein ice cream
Protein ice cream pancakes_0022.jpg

355 Calories
Protein: 24g // Carbs: 47g // Fat: 9g 

These pancakes totally seem like they would be super decadent and heavy in calories, but they've got less sugar and calories than regular pancakes with syrup do! Plus, they're so filling!! I had mine with a side of two scrambled eggs after the gym on Sunday. Too good ;)