Chocolate La Croix Cupcakes

So, I never used to have a very big sweet tooth. For the longest time, my only sweet craving was for donuts, and really, I think I love those so much because they are deep fried and have just a hint of sweetness. Somehow though, lately I have become obsessed with desserts. Particularly anything with Funfetti or chocolate. Particularly chocolate cake! It's very weird for me to want these things, but hey, I can't help what I crave, right?

I am also just beginning a new set of macros given to me by a nutrition coach recommended by a friend. That means I have to be much more specific about my treat intake because, let's be real, if you're paying someone to coach you on your nutrition, you better do it right and get your money's worth! And, of course, now that I've admitted I'm doing this here on the blog where people can see it, I'm so much more likely to follow through because I have to, or risk being embarrassed when people see my kangaroo pouch tummy (that's what I call it) and wonder why I don't look like someone who's been following their macros very closely. 

Anyway, since I'm being better about sticking to the guidelines given to me by my new coach, I am figuring out lots of ways to get my treat fix without completely sabotaging myself. I had a stroke of genius the other day when it came to making chocolate cake while I was drinking one of my beloved coconut La Croix waters (If you don't know what La Croix waters are, they are flavored sparkling waters that taste so good but are calorie and sweetener free). My mom makes these cakes with boxed mixes and a can of soda instead of eggs and oil. I have no idea how this became a thing, because really, who thought to dump a can of soda into a cake mi and bake it? But it happens, and I felt like it would be interesting to see how a calorie free flavored soda and a box of cake would taste together. 


Calories: 70 1g Protein/17g Carbs /1g Fat

It is SO good. And super easy. So much so that I almost feel like my cat could make this cake herself if she wanted to. You literally just dump a box of cake mix into a bowl, pour a can of La Croix in, stir it up, and bake. 

The cake batter is AMAZINGLY delicious and you don't have to worry about salmonella because there aren't any raw eggs in it. I think this could be turned into a treat on it's own!  If you don't want to eat the batter though, just bake it according to box instructions. I baked mine for about 20 minutes each batch.

I chose to make cupcakes instead of a cake because it's easier to portion control that way, but it would be so cute to make a little naked cake with these, I think. I'm obsessed with naked cakes. 

La Croix Chocolate Cake Recipe_0003.jpg

I also didn't frost mine this time. I don't think it really needs it, plus it saves you a few carbies and fats so you can eat two cupcakes maybe instead of one;) One thing to note is that I didn't really taste the coconut flavor in the cupcakes, so I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference what kind you use. It's possible you can even use flavorless sparkling water or seltzer and get a really similar result! Obviously you could also use diet sodas of any kind, but I really can't stand the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners, plus they give me headaches, so I'd rather skip those and use La Croix waters.