Our Sixth Anniversary

I'm so behind right now on sharing my adventures here on this blog...between a pre-birthday trip to Charleston in March and a girls' "Spring break" trip to California in April, I've got quite a few things to write about and post! Time is flying by a bit quicker than I can keep up these days, which, is kind of scary because it seems like it only flies by faster and faster every single year! 

I really wanted to share about our anniversary weekend though, so you'll have to forgive the backlog of posts I still have to share and live by my motto these days, which is "Just go with it...".

Anyway, as of a couple of weeks ago, John and I have officially been married SIX years! Six years seems like both a little and a lot to me. It's a small number when you compare that to the number we'll hopefully have one day when we're older and grayer, but it's kind of a big deal when you consider the fact that if our marriage was a person it would be in FIRST GRADE. It would be able to read!!!! How crazy?!?

If there's one thing I've realized about myself over the past couple years it's that I love any reason to have a celebration. Life can be somewhat mundane if you let just slip by without making a big deal out of things sometimes and we've always done something to mark our wedding anniversary, even if it was just as small as getting Olive Garden takeout because we were saving for our Hawaii trip. Last year we stumbled upon the idea of having brunch to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We went to the champagne brunch at the Jefferson hotel (which is totally top notch, by the way...I'm considering a return for my 30th birthday celebration in July...) and since our actual anniversary fell on a Sunday this year, we decided to make a Sunday Funday out of it!

We started our Sunday Funday Anniversary Celebration by heading out to Quirk Hotel for brunch at their restaurant, Maple & Pine. I've been to Quirk a few times, but this was my first time actually having brunch. I normally go for a cocktail (and we actually stayed here for New Year's Eve!) and  we once went for a Sunday dinner for a friend's birthday. It's always a blast!

Anniversary weekend recap_0018.jpg

Quirk is one of those super adorable places that is just begging to be Instagrammed. You can pretty much guarantee your IG story will be on point whenever you visit.

It's not brunch without cocktails, so we both ordered drinks. John went with a Bloody Mary and I stuck with my old fave, champagne. Nothing says "celebration" like champagne! Maybe that's one of the reasons I love it so much! 

Anniversary weekend recap_0017.jpg

For food, I chose the grilled avocado with poached egg, smoky bacon crema, and some sort of cheese atop sourdough. I wanted something that wasn't super heavy and this fit the bill! It was actually really good...the flavors were perfectly mashed together in a fancy avocado toast kind of way. 

Anniversary weekend recap_0016.jpg

John got the fried chicken sandwich, which I had some of (I mean, duh). It was LEGIT. The fried chicken has some kind of crack in it...or maybe it's the sauce that has the crack??? Who even knows?? I thought it was amazing and I wished I had gotten it.

After a photo at the rooftop bar, we headed out to Upper Shirley Vineyards. We did a tasting of all of their wines and then shared a bottle of their Rosè! Rosè is one of my favorite summertime drinks and theirs was the bomb. 

After our wine, we packed up and headed home and grilled dinner together out on our patio. We listened to Neil Young and ate steak kabobs and had the rest of the Upper Shirley Rosè and it was a truly fantastic way to end our day. 

Anniversary weekend recap_0020.jpg

It's hard to believe we've been married six years, but it was so much fun celebrating how far we've come together! Cheers to six years!