Our Very Busy Post Holiday Week

The last couple weeks have been so crazy! Normally the holidays are kind of busy for us  (especially since my parents are divorced and remarried….which means we’ve got a LOT of houses to visit for Christmas) but this year it was even more so, because we added in a trip to Florida! Why Florida? My sister and infant nephew live there! So do our friends and their two little ones! Instead of spending the week between Christmas and New Years being lazy at home, this year we drove down to sunny Florida and spent the week there instead. 

Our trip included lots of time playing with the three year old and one year old. 

And a trip to Universal Studios, where our friend Mark works! I can’t think of a cooler job than mine...besides his! 


Sidenote, did y’all know they serve cocktails at Universal?? I’m used to Busch Gardens Williamsburg that only serves beer and wine. It was fun having a rum punch and exploring the park! 


Between spending all the time I could cuddling with my 8 week old nephew and playing swords and guns with our toddler friend, I only had time to work out one time, but that workout was a doozy…I ran two miles, did 200 burpees, and 120 jump squats. It’s just as horrible as it sounds, especially after sitting in a car for 12 hours!!! 

After I tearfully said goodbye to my little nephew, we headed back to Virginia. But not before stopping at South of the Border (of course) for some New Years sparklers! 

IMG_4625 2.JPG

New Year’s Eve we stayed at the adorable Quirk hotel with friends of ours and checked out the festivities at the Veil Brewing Co and the Hoffmeyer building. It was my first time at both and I’d definitely go back to either one! The Veil specializes in IPA beers, but they’re really drinkable, even if you’re just taking baby steps into the world of IPAs like me. 


The party at the Hoff was Moulin Rouge themed with a killer band and burlesque dancers! I could hardly see their performances because I’m short, which means I never see anything, but what I could see between people’s shoulders was great! 

After partying New Year’s Eve, we were treated to a FEAST yesterday at our friend’s Brandi and Stephen’s house. Champagne, oysters, meatballs, lemon chicken pasta, black eyed peas, and more!

It’s safe to say that after all of this, I’m beyond exhausted today. I’m going to need at least a week to settle back into my regular life, but you know what? It was so worth it. I loved every minute of the past week and a half or so and I wouldn’t change a thing!  I’m looking forward to taking time this week to write out some goals for the next year and start fresh by collecting things I want to purge for a yard sale in the Spring. Anyone have tips for hosting a yard sale??

Have a great first week of 2017!