Puerto Vallarta

If you follow me on Instagram, or we’re otherwise connected on social media, you probably already know…I went to Mexico last week! I was there to photograph the wedding of a fellow photographer and we turned it into a little mini vacay! 

I’d never been to Mexico before, but I really loved it! I had heard such great things about Puerto Vallarta (especially compared to the more touristy spots like Cabo and Cancun) and it turned out to be really charming! If you want to get more of an “authentic” Mexican feel and swim in the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta might be for you! There’s also a huge gay nightlife there, which is SOOO much fun and another reason to go!!

This trip was our first time staying at an all inclusive resort and I wasn’t sure how that would be since I really like to get out and explore a lot when I’m traveling, however…for a wedding or for a nice little relaxing getaway, I think they are a really great option! We mostly stayed on the resort, but several days of lounging by the pool or the ocean with cocktails was exactly what I needed after a busy Spring season. The food and drinks at the Hyatt Ziva were all really good. I tried to eat in moderation, but, moderation is hard for me, y’all. Especially when food is at your fingertips 24/7!!!!

It felt really weird to get there and sit down for a meal at a restaurant and not have to wait for our bill and settle up before we left…at first I felt like I was doing something wrong. But, I quickly adapted to not having to worry about anything besides what cocktail I wanted with dinner and which meal sounded best to me! Even room service was included with our stay, which was so nice! There’s nothing like being able to order pizza to your room for free after leaving the Tequila bar at 1AM, am I right??

This was such a great trip for us and we are soooo thankful to Caroline and Josh for including us and for giving us the opportunity to photograph them in Mexico! For their wedding photos, click here to view their post on my photography blog!!