The Lion King & Dinner at the Roosevelt

So, if I'm being real with you guys, our life has been a little stressful lately. Without getting into all the gory details, we found out that John (my husband, if you didn't already know) has to have surgery AND I've been having health issues and was recently diagnosed with a condition that basically sucks. I'm so glad I had the foresight to order tickets to the Lion King for this week because we ended up really needing an escape this week!

On Wednesday night we went the Lion King in Richmond at the Altria Theater! I loved the Lion King as a kid (I totally had the Nala and Simba dolls that had magnets in the noses that made them kiss...ha!) and have been wanting to see this play for YEARS. We actually almost went once in NYC, but it didn't work out to go while we were there. 

I made a reservation for us at the Roosevelt in Church Hill before the show. It was our first time eating there and I can tell you now, it for SURE won't be the last!! Cocktails and southern food are basically my two favorite things to enjoy and the Roosevelt does them so well.

I chose the Secret South as my cocktail. It has gin, pineapple, vinegar and bubbles. I always choose something with gin, bourbon, or bubbles. Pineapple is just an added bonus!  The vinegar was an interesting twist too! 

We started by sharing the wings and Southern Poutine. The wings were crispy on the outside and flavorful and juicy on the inside! 

Southern Poutine. Oh my gosh. I eat a lot of delicious things but this. This was so freaking good. I could eat this every single day if the option existed. It just tasted like happiness, at least what happiness would taste like in my world! They covered hot, crispy French fries with sausage gravy and pimento cheese. And if that weren't enough delicious things, they also added pickles! Heaven on a plate, I'm telling you. 

I chose the jerk roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots as my entree. Again, the chicken was juicy and full of flavor! If all protein tasted like that chicken, I would never have an issue hitting my protein! 

John's entree, one of the specials, (which I tried, obvs) was duck breast and rice grits and sweet peas. The duck was pretty tasty too!

We finished our meal by sharing a slice of peanut butter pie. I actually make a peanut butter pie for John every year that my mom has been making for my dad since I was in elementary school that's kind of a cool, creamy dessert but this pie was more like a pecan pie in my opinion. I wish I had the recipe! I'll have to try to recreate it somehow! 

From there, we went on to the Lion King! This was my first time at Altria Theater, but it reminded me a bit of the Orpheum in Boston, where I saw a show last year. The show was AMAZING. It totally lived up to my very high expectations! The visuals were absolutely gorgeous and the music was fantastic. I can see why this show has been one of the number one productions for years and years. It's all around fantastic! 

As someone in a creative field, seeing this masterful interpretation of a favorite childhood movie made me so inspired to continue trying to tell stories through my work! 

All in all it was an amazing evening. I'd hoped to stop at Quirk's brand new rooftop bar after the show for a nightcap, but it was closed due to rain and we were up past our weekday bedtimes anyway. Another time! Anyone else see the Lion King while its in RVA?? Tell me what you thought!